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We could all use a little Comfort

Check out this amazing program designed with Emergency Responders in mind

A Comfort K9 is a facility dog that works at the station, department, or office of our Emergency Responders. These dogs are therapy dogs for the responders on duty and are carefully screened and extensively trained to provide the best support for the Emotional Wellness program in the facility.

Emergency Responders are exposed to stress and trauma in their jobs everyday. Comfort K9s in the facility help Responders decompress during their workday, as well as enhance the Responders' work life and personal life. Job-related trauma has been proven to increase rates of poor job performance, staff burnout and turnover, depression, insomnia, heart attack, domestic abuse, substance and alcohol abuse, and suicide in Responder facilities - can you afford NOT to add to your facility's Emotional Wellness program?

Check out these great videos featuring the program benefits of our first Comfort K9, Milagro

“You can see the whole department light up - 

everyone wants to pet her, everyone wants to be around her”

Officer Adam Keesee, Sherwood Police Department

Find out more about our program!

Learn all about the Paws for Responders Comfort K9 Program in our webinar:

PFR: What is a Comfort K9?

We will discuss the benefits of adding a Comfort K9 to the emotional wellness program in emergency responder facilities, as well as the specific perks to the unique Paws for Responders structure. Plus, you will learn the step-by-step, simple process to add a Comfort K9 to your facility.

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