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Milagro, Our Little Miracle

November 2017

Meet Milagro (AKA Mila). Mila is a Labrador puppy in training with Pawsitively Trained, LLC to become a Comfort K-9 for the Sherwood Police Department. She will be used as a therapy animal for victims of a crime, members of the community who have experienced trauma, and anyone in the station who would benefit from her emotional support. Mila has a lot of hard work and training ahead of her in preparation for a career as a Comfort K-9. In addition, she will require continued training throughout her life to maintain her skills.

Mila will be performing job tasks similar to a certified therapy dog, she will be in an intensive training program for 18-24 months, then in ongoing training for the duration of her career. She will go through 5 phases of training before she will be living full time in the Sherwood station: Puppy Training, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Public Access, Tasks and Job Skills. This will be done with Pawsitively Trained, LLC and with the help of her caregivers at the station.

Mila will be in and out of the station during her training program. However, she will get to spend several days a month at the station, getting to know the Sherwood PD members. She will also be available for community members to stop in and meet her and learn more about her training and program. Please support her training program by donating to the Sherwood Police Foundation - any amount is greatly appreciated!

More about Mila: This sweet puppy was born and raised in Sherwood with a loving family, dedicated to supporting local law enforcement. The idea of the Comfort K-9 program was inspired by their desire to use their puppies as companion animals. Milagro (Spanish for miracle) was destined for the program when she beat the odds and survived an emergency surgery at birth. She was donated to the Police Department at 12 weeks old and instantly began her training program.

We are so excited to have this dog as a resource and have already seen the positive effect her presence has on staff and officers. Mila will bring joy to hundreds of people throughout her life and already has the support of many members of the community. We're incredibly thankful to Nature's Pet in Sherwood for donating Mila's food for her entire career and to Crossroads Veterinary Hospital in Sherwood for donating a percentage of her veterinary costs. Please be a part of her extended family and donate to support her training program and her future with Sherwood PD.

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