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The program designed with Emergency Responders in mind

Heal and bond Emergency Responder teams through the support of a Comfort K9

Raising a puppy requires a team effort. I'm here to help you raise a dream companion for your Emergency Responders, but also to lead and train your team. There is nothing like seeing a puppy remarkably improve someone's quality of life, and I am proud to provide puppies who do this on a daily basis. 

- A Note from Kelsey, 

Puppy Raiser since 2004

Pair up with one of our Comfort K9 puppies

With the Comfort K9 Program, you can expect:

  • Carefully screened, pre-approved breeders to provide the best puppy for the job
  • Health tested puppies to reduce the risk of undesirable surprises
  • Behavior and temperament tested puppies, suitable for their specific and demanding work life
  • A Certified Puppy Raiser that will take the hassle out of raising the puppy in a busy facility
  • A Certified Trainer overseeing every step of the training process, allowing for a smooth and effortless transition from Puppy Raiser to Facility Handler
  • Custom dog training plan to create the ideal program for every individual facility

Shared Custody Programs Ensure Success and Reduce Cost

This unique feature of Paws for Responders, allows facilities to co-raise a puppy with a Certified Trainer and/or Certified Puppy Raiser. This program takes puppies chosen for specific jobs and places them in environments focused on raising and training confident, calm, career-oriented, canine companions. 

The program options all start with a 12 month structured training plan, and are followed up with a 10 month maintenance plan to ensure a successful canine partner for the pup's entire career. At the end of every program, ownership of the Comfort K9 is transferred to the facility and the Comfort K9/Handler team become a certified working partnership.

"They are an invaluable partner that can offer comfort to officers or community members in a time of need."

Captain Ty Hanlon

There are 3 program options to choose from:

Trainer Jump Start - 

80/20 Custody Program

Joint Custody -

40/60 Custody Program

Scheduled Visits -

20/80 Custody Program

Learn all about the Paws for Responders Comfort K9 Program in our webinar:

PFR: What is a Comfort K9?

We will discuss the benefits of adding a Comfort K9 to the emotional wellness program in emergency responder facilities, as well as the specific perks to the unique Paws for Responders structure. Plus, you will learn the step-by-step, simple process to add a Comfort K9 to your facility.

Additional Note: This program is comprehensive and includes all costs!

  • Cost of puppy purchase price, food, medical and grooming, basic supplies, training of puppy, training of handlers, all printed and online training material, transportation of puppy, follow up sessions for the full program, and more!
  • The monthly payment plans for programs make budget proposals simple, and program pricing easily attainable for your facility.
  • PLUS - check out the Sponsorship options to help reduce facility costs even more!

We can't do what we do without community support!

We are always looking for Puppy Raisers, Program Breeders, and Program Sponsors. Please reach out if you would like to be involved in the Comfort K9 Program!

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