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Meet Jocko

Breed: Standard Schnauzer

DOB: November 2018

Portland Police Bureau, OR

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Jocko is a Standard Schnauzer, working at the Training Division in Portland. He will have a very busy job welcoming and comforting all the new police recruits as they pass through the training facility, embarking on their journey towards becoming officers. Jocko came from a local Oregon breeder and was chosen for the low shedding hypo-allergenic type coat. That scruffy exterior paired with his determination to complete his task and his eagerness to work, even in high distraction environments, is proving helpful for his new job as Comfort K9.

Jocko has a great gig going for him. Since the Training Division is closed weekends and evenings, he gets to clock out with his primary handler and enjoy being a farm dog on a 10 acre horse property with his family and dog "siblings". When it is time to come back to work, he spends his days romping up and down the halls, snuggling with his favorite officers, and playing with all his buddies at the station. He also has been a great asset for the training recruits and loves popping into classrooms for some quick greetings and pets, before continuing on to comfort everyone else he meets.

Jocko is relatively new to the Comfort K-9 program and has many more months of training ahead of him. He is currently enrolled in the Pawsitive Puppy Program through Pawsitively Trained, and is learning all the basics. His training program will cater to him as he matures, and eventually his officer handlers will take over to provide his full time care. While in this phase of his training, he is regularly going on outings and getting more experience and exposure in new and distracting environments. We are so excited to see how this pup continues to develop and learn, and the positive impact he will make with his officer team.

Special Thanks to Coats and Tails Grooming Salon in Portland, OR for donating your services towards maintaining his grooming needs!

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