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“It's one of those programs that is great to have. All of us love her, and though it takes dedication, we will utilize her all the time”

Officer Bill Collins, 

Sherwood Police Department

Getting Started

Comfort K9s are critically important for the emotional well-being of our Emergency Responders. Check out all of the incredible benefits of this detailed, custom, revolutionary program.

Why add a Comfort K9?

According to recent studies by EMSWorld, Emergency Responders on average are:

  • 10 times more likely than nonresponders to attempt suicide
  • 2–3 times more likely to experience domestic abuse
  • 5–7 times more likely to have substance-abuse or alcohol problems
  • 85% of first responders experience symptoms related to mental health issues
  • 34% have received a diagnosis related to PTSD or depression

Creating a Facility team

Each facility will designate Primary and Secondary Handlers to work with the Comfort K9. Having this team creates a bonded, knowledgeable resource to assist in events of crisis or trauma, and provides an ongoing, daily support system within the facility.

Our Certified Dog Trainer will assist you in choosing ideal Handler candidates, and will provide a comprehensive training program for Handlers to ensure the success of adding the Comfort K9 asset to the facility's Emotional Wellness Program.

What sets this program apart?

  • PFR is currently the ONLY company solely focused on raising and training facility dogs for Emergency Responders, which allows our program to be tailored to Responder facilities
  • Handlers are able to co-raise the puppy, so the puppy grows up in the facility and is able to bond with everyone there
  • Handlers are taught modern, science-based, updated training methods to enhance program effectiveness and efficiency
  • Puppies are specifically chosen and trained to meet the individual needs of each facility from day 1
  • Handlers are instructed and assisted by a Certified Dog Trainer throughout the entire program
  • Each program is customized to cater to the unique task requirements of the facility and the puppy
  • All costs are included in the program pricing, including, but not limited to: all dog food, medical expenses, basic supplies, and the entire training program for Primary Handlers, Secondary Handlers, Raisers, and the puppy
  • Facilities take over ownership of the dog from Paws for Responders at the completion of the program and become a certified working team

Schedule a complimentary consultation to add a Comfort K9 to your facility.


Added Benefits of the Comfort K9 Program

  • Having daily access to the dog provides emotional support to the Emergency Responders
  • Interacting with the dog can be therapeutic for Responders recovering from primary or secondary trauma
  • Many Responders will seek the dog for comfort before seeking human assistance, addressing the underlying issues quicker
  • Adding the dog creates a more bonded "family" environment in the facility, reducing Responder burnout and turnover
  • Interacting with therapy dogs can release oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin in the brain and reduces cortisol levels, and blood pressure
  • Emotional wellness programs can lead to decreased rates of insomnia, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide in Responder facilities 
  • The dog becomes the "face" of the facility to the community, increasing community love and support for the facilities
  • Community members can interact with the dog and often will approach Emergency Responders more readily when the dog is present, breaking down perceived barriers between Responders and the public
  • Using a positive reinforcement training and puppy raising program teaches humane and ethical handling practices, which can be applied towards all types of relationship building and interactions

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Learn all about the Paws for Responders Comfort K9 Program in our webinar:

PFR: What is a Comfort K9?

We will discuss the benefits of adding a Comfort K9 to the emotional wellness program in emergency responder facilities, as well as the specific perks to the unique Paws for Responders structure. Plus, you will learn the step-by-step, simple process to add a Comfort K9 to your facility.

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