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Become a Certified Puppy Raiser

Certified Puppy Raisers are charged with the opportunity to raise and train a Comfort K9 puppy in conjunction with a Certified Dog Trainer and the Comfort K9's assigned Facility Handler. Raisers have the puppy in their custody for 30-43 weeks in a 12 month period (depending on the type of Shared Custody Program chosen by the facility) and have a list of requirements and expectations to execute while the puppy is in their care. Raisers are employees of Paws for Responders, LLC and are compensated for their time raising and training the puppy. Additionally, all major puppy expenses, such as food, medical, grooming, and training are covered by Paws for Responders, LLC, and Raisers receive a thorough (free!) education on methods and techniques used to help the Comfort K9 puppy mature into a successful working dog. 

Learn more about the program in our webinar: PFR: Becoming a Puppy Raiser

Why Become a Puppy Raiser?

  • You will become a "Certified Puppy Raiser"
  • You will get weekly, free dog training sessions with a certified trainer
  • You will have free access to a comprehensive online dog training program
  • You get exclusive access to discussion groups and one on one training support
  • Costs for the puppy's medical, food, grooming, and basic supplies are covered
  • You are paid for time spent doing At-Home Care
  • You get to play with and love on an amazing puppy, bred and raised by some of the best breeders out there!
  • You have the immensely rewarding experience of raising a dog to provide comfort and support for people who truly need it
  • You will make an enormous impact on the lives of local emergency responders working tirelessly in our communities
  • You are able to participate in a program that is revolutionizing emotional wellness programs globally
  • Children and teens benefit from the responsibility, structure, and community service aspects of the program
  • Other dogs, pets, kids, etc get the benefits from having an additional dog in the home without the 10+ year financial and time commitment of adding a new pet
  • Schools and workplaces may allow the raisers to bring the puppy-in-training
  • You get monthly breaks, when the puppy goes to stay with their primary handler
  • If the dog is dropped from the program or retires, you will be on the list for adoption 

Raiser Home and Lifestyle Requirements

Raisers must meet certain criteria to be good candidates for the Comfort K9 Program. Click Policies and Procedures and visit the Getting Started page for more information. 

Raiser Certification Requirements

Raisers have required material and training sessions that must be completed in order to raise a Comfort K9 puppy. (Raisers are compensated for their time completing their certification requirements - yes, you get paid to learn how to raise the perfect puppy!) These requirements include:

  • Employee status with Paws for Responders, LLC
  • Completion of Training Manual
  • Completion of approximately 20 hours of online courses
  • Completion of required reading material
  • Weekly Puppy Raiser meetings while puppy is in Raiser custody
  • 6 Private Training sessions with Certified Dog Trainer during 12 months puppy raising period
  • Weekly Training Log submissions
  • Weekly training video submissions 

At-Home Care Requirements

Raisers have a list of At-Home Care tasks to complete and log every week while raising a Comfort K9 puppy. Each category has a minimum weekly time requirement and detailed job task descriptions to ensure that each puppy in the program is receiving consistent training and care. Task categories include:

  • Feeding
  • Husbandry
  • Confinement Training
  • Activity Training
  • Obedience & Life Skills Training
  • Additional Exercise
  • Misc. Tasks (vet visits, clean up, etc.)

Check out the Puppy Raiser FAQ page too!

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