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The Comfort K9 Blog

Our goal is to change the world one puppy at a time by bringing awareness and support to emotional wellness programs. Check out our blog posts to learn more about our mission, our focus, our passion, and our experiences throughout our journey. We appreciate your interest and support!

Our Mission & Message

January 2021

We are so proud of our Paws for Responders Comfort K9s. Check out the topics below to learn more about how these therapy dogs are impacting the world!. 

...[Read More]

Creating Comfort in Crisis: 7 Ways Comfort K9s Relieve Stress eBook

October 2020

We are very excited to launch our "Wellness Wednesday" eBook series. Every week Paws for Responders will post a page from our newest release "Creating Comfort in Crisis: 7 Ways a Comfort K9 Relieves Stress". ...[Read More]

Puppies of the Sun!

August 2020

Formally introducing our puppies of the sun Brigid & Cyrus ...[Read More]

Atlas Has the World on His Shoulders

November 2019

We have some big plans for this little guy! ...[Page Under Construction]

Schnauzer on Duty

April 2019

Warm Welcome to Jocko, the newest Comfort K9! Check out the press release covered by The Oregonian! ...[Read More]

Exceeding Expectations Everyday

April 2019

"On Monday, April 1st, 2019 I responded to an assault call that occurred the previous night." ...[Read More]

Afterhours Puppy Love

March 2018

Chillin with Mila the comfort K9

A comfort K9 you ask?

Yup! Mila is our full time live in comfort K9. She is going through training right now and once she is done, her job will be to hang out with us in the PD to help officers de-stress after tough calls. She will also be utilized to help comfort crime victims during interviews, etc

What better way to bring that adrenaline back down than with some puppy cuddles and fresh slobber all over your uniform.

 -credit: Officer Chris Pierce

Milagro, Our Little Miracle

November 2017

Meet Milagro (AKA Mila). Mila is a Labrador puppy in training with Pawsitively Trained, LLC to become a Comfort K-9 for the Sherwood Police Department. 

...[Read More]

More Entries Coming Soon!


We will continue to update this blog often, but for the latest details check out our Instagram and Facebook pages!

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